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Announcement! Winner of the Allermates Lunch Bag!

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Thanks to everyone for reading the AllerMates review!

This is a picture of the prize!!

lunchbox blue

This is a picture of the prize!!

And the winner is……

Sophie O’Brien!

Congratulations!! Get in touch to let me know how you would like to get your prize – at Milltown totalhealth Pharmacy or by post šŸ™‚

Author: WonderBaba Blog

My name is Sheena Mitchell and I'm a pharmacist with my own business Milltown totalhealth Pharmacy in Dublin 6. From working in the pharmacy I've realised that there are a lot of first time and experienced moms who might benefit from hints and tips from a pharmacist who can balance healthcare advice with real hands on experience from my important work as a mother of two! I hope to bring you regular advice and information and answer questions that you have! Being a mother and pharmacist are my two favorite things and I'm delighted to have this way of bringing my two worlds together! All questions and queries are gratefully received but otherwise sit back, relax, and let the solutions come to you!

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