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Hand foot and mouth disease – the aftermath!

We had hand, foot and mouth disease in the house a while ago – fun times…. Not so much!  Read my full hand, foot and mouth blog here –https://wonderbaba.ie/2015/09/22/hand-foot-and-mouth-disease-a-wonderbaba-guide/

I just wanted to highlight a common problem that occurs after this illness. One of my little girls  had significant damage to her nail bed due to the blisters forming on the skin under her nails. This means that whilst the symptoms and virus have passed – the signs still remain. Continue reading

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How to care for your baby’s nails!

baby nailsA newborn baby’s nails are extremely soft.  They can be quite long when your baby is born and even though they are really soft they can still give your baby an impressive scratch if left alone.  A baby has very little control over their movements and do a lot of completely involuntary and jerky movements so they can scratch their little faces and eyes unintentionally quite often!  To prevent this from happening its important to establish a nail care routine straight away. Continue reading