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My 5 minute video all about treating colic!

As a new exciting part of my work with mummypages TV I have recorded a video on colic – what it is and how to treat it!  If you prefer to watch a video than read an article and you have a little one with colic then this is for you 🙂


As always if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch through the WonderBaba facebook page by private message – http://www.facebook.com/wonderbabacare or phone me at Milltown totalhealth Pharmacy in Dublin 6 on 012600262!



One of the most distressing experiences for both a newborn and their parents! It’s a word that is often thrown around and used to describe the symptoms of an unsettled newborn! It really only describes a prolonged period of a few weeks where a baby is crying for more than three hours per day more than three days per week. Every baby gets unsettled from time to time but colic usually kicks in during the evening and can be very hard to endure!

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