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The Wonders Of Witch Hazel!

IMG_7589Childbirth is obviously a beautiful and wonderful thing, amazing and magical all at the same time! However when you look behind the magic and under all of that happy new baby bliss sometimes you find a mum who is struggling to recover from their vaginal birth due to an episiotomy, haemorrhoids or vaginal tears.  Not every mum will experience discomfort after childbirth but in all honestly a little tenderness and inflammation is to be expected at least.  So to all new mums I would like to help you focus purely on your mesmerising new WonderBaba by explaining how exactly you can relieve your pain and soreness so it is no longer an unwelcome distraction!

Let me introduce you to the wonders of witch hazel and some other natural wonder products! Continue reading


C-Section Recovery – A Practical Guide

c-section-recovery-tipsC- Section Recovery – A Practical Guide

This is a little article with useful tips on how to approach recovery from your c-section and will hopefully highlight the practical aspects of what you can expect and how best to overcome any difficulties you may have. It will mostly focus on wound recovery and I will cover things like breastfeeding after a c-section in a separate blog.

The first 24 hours:
After your C-Section you will spend about two hours in a recovery room, in many hospitals your baby will not be able to join you during this time but you will have spent about half an hour cuddling them during the later stages of the surgery and should try to relax during this time. Continue reading