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A WonderBaba Guide to Exercising during Pregnancy!

yoga pregnancyProtecting your very precious cargo is your priority when pregnant, but does this mean you need to reduce or stop exercising like many people think? Absolutely not is the answer! In fact, so long as you are exercising caution and good common sense, as well as your body, you will actually increase your own health and that of your unborn baby too!

When you find out you are expecting it’s a good idea to discuss your exercising habits with your GP.  The doctor will advise you what is clinically safe for you as an individual to continue with or to start but here I will give some general guidelines so you have a rough idea of what you can expect! Continue reading

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Hyperemesis Gravidarum – support is here – Hyperemesis Ireland!

Hyperemesis is a crippling sickness of severe nausea and vomiting which effects less than 1% of pregnant women.  It is different to regular ‘morning sickness’ which affects a large proportion of pregnant women and usually clears up around the 16 week mark.  Hyperemesis is a serious condition which can lead to severe dehydration if not treated.  To understand the condition more and how it differs from regular morning sickness I’d like to ask you to read the following blog of a mum who suffered from the illness first hand as I personally was lucky enough to escape with the regular nausea that early pregnancy brings.

dripI have never read a blog that reflects the cruelty of the impact that this illness can have over a woman whilst she’s ‘glowing’ during her pregnancy. This blog is written by an old friend of mine and is well worth a read! http://www.wonkyeye.ie/wonky-eye-blogger/cgispm3anygqg3j5s5nwku8ahzimmv2017814

Hyperemesis Ireland is a new support network for expectant mums who are in need of guidance and care – as a healthcare professional and as a woman I am so glad that this service is now available in Ireland!
#hyperemesisgravidarum #youarenotalone

websitefeetlogoI hope you found this information helpful and as always don’t hesitate to contact me on the WonderBaba Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/wonderbabacare) with any questions or for one to one advice for your little one! You can also consult with me in person at Milltown totalhealth Pharmacy in Dublin 6 or over the phone on 012600262.

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Preparing to Breastfeed!


breastfeedingWhilst it is certainly true that breastfeeding is a natural and instinctive skill it is not always true that it will come ‘naturally’.  Personal experience has highlighted breastfeeding as one of the most rewarding experiences life has to offer, but it has also taught me that support and knowledge are key to a successful breastfeeding relationship.  It is most likely that you will have an easy and straightforward breastfeeding experience but it is also very possible that you may stumble across a few hurdles on your way.  With only 10% of Irish mums continuing to breastfeed after four months it is clear that our support networks are somewhat lacking.  Continue reading

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WonderBaba – Miscarriage – Symptoms and Support.

Bleeding, severe pain and cramping, or the sudden loss of pregnancy symptoms can sometimes indicate a miscarriage.  I don’t even need to say it but a miscarriage causes a mother distress of the most harrowing nature. It is ironic that early pregnancy is often a ‘secret’ and so the time that you really need support and help is the one time you feel unable to reach out and ask for it.  I’m writing this article for those mums who need advice, for those who feel the may be suffering from a miscarriage, or those who have experienced one and are finding it hard to cope with or process.  I hope to provide some information about what is normal and what is not during early pregnancy and to highlight some of the amazing and supportive resources there are for women in this devastating situation in Ireland. It is important to know when to seek help and if you do find yourself in the heartbreaking position of grieving for your unborn baby its even more important to know that support is available.  A pregnancy can be planned, unplanned or unexpected but finding support during miscarriage, both physically and mentally, should not be overlooked.

What can be a sign of miscarriage?

Continue reading

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A WonderBaba Guide to Insect Bites, Repellents and the Zika Virus!


This is a difficult one as the studies completed in the area are few and far between however there is current guidance from ‘bumps’ – best use of medicines in pregnancy from the UK teratology information service which is recommended by the HSE’s Health Protection Surveillance Centre.

mosquito biteDuring pregnancy or whilst trying to conceive women should follow the same recommendations as all other travellers.  If travelling to an area at risk of the Zika virus, Malaria, west nile virus, or Lyme disease it is worth postponing your trip if at all possible.  If this is not possible then every measure possible should be taken to reduce the chance of being bitten as discussed below.  I will also discuss the problems with contracting Zika during pregnancy and how it can put you and your baby at risk. Continue reading

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A WonderBaba Guide to Heartburn in Pregnancy!

A topic I’ve had plenty of experience with- as if expectant mums don’t have enough to contend with!

Heartburn is the name given to the feeling of burning in your chest which arises due to the stomach acid passing up from your stomach into your oesophagus.  It can occur on its own or with indigestion.  Indigestion (also referred to as dyspepsia) describes a collection of symptoms which include bloating, nausea, feeling full, burping a lot, or feeling sick.  Indigestion  and heartburn usually arrive just after meal time! In pregnancy though it may occur more frequently – especially in the last trimester. In fact up to 8 out of 10 women will suffer from indigestion at some part of their pregnancy according to the HSE. Continue reading

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Morning Sickness – WonderBaba Tips

Morning Sickness

Unfortunately vomiting and nausea, known as morning sickness, is very common during pregnancy.  What’s more unfortunate is that it often lasts all day and night or comes in waves throughout the day! It usually kicks in at about week six but can happen even earlier than this.  The good news is that for most people (approximately 90%) it will fade away and become a distant memory around week 12-14…hormones have a funny way of making us forget the bad stuff!! Continue reading

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Hospital bag check list!

WonderBaba Hospital bag kitExpectant mums should consider getting their hospital bag together at about 34 weeks. I’ve compiled a list of useful items and I hope it’s of some help! Space is so tight in hospitals that it’s a military operation trying to fit everything in! Feel free to contact me on the wonderbaba Facebook page if you think there is anything I have missed and I’ll be happy to add it on! I have also put together all of the ‘pharmacy items’ into one handy ‘WonderBaba Hospital Kit’ which is now available to be ordered online by clicking here!  It takes all of the hassle out of ‘hospital bag shopping’ and leaves you spare time to focus on the more appealing things like cute baby clothes and fancy slippers!

So here is my full list of everything you will need for your hospital visit! Continue reading

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Shells, shields, and pads!

Shells, shields, and pads! Sounds like an armies’ artillery checklist but it’s actually a list of items which can make the life of a breast feeding mum so much easier!
Here’s an explanation of what each of them do and how they can help!

Continue reading