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WonderBaba – The Ultimate Guide to Children’s Multivitamins!

Prescription-ConfusionWe always get advertising material into the Pharmacy from all of the different multivitamin brands making great claims about the benefits of their own products.  Even Pharmacists and Pharmacy staff can find it overwhelming trying to decipher what the actual vitamin content is and determine the benefits and downfalls of one product in comparison to another.  The vitamin market is a particularly busy one!  There are so many different products and all have strengths and weaknesses so I have done my best to select the 14 most popular children’s multivitamins and I have literally laid them side by side so we can explore which product meets your individual child’s needs.

veg wonderbabaI’d like to point out at the beginning that vitamin supplements are extremely useful – but there’s no beating a balanced healthy diet! However as an Irish mum as well as a Pharmacist I understand that there are guidelines in place which support the use of Vitamin D supplementation due to the fact the we live in one giant big grey gloomy cloud! Also I understand and have seen first hand that whilst I may make every effort to provide a fully nutritionally balanced diet for my kids (I said I may make every effort..most of the time…I’m not actually WonderMama…) they may still turn their noses up at it and refuse to eat it for many various reasons depending on what developmental stage they are going through or what illness is affecting them. Anyway I’ll get back to the review!

There’s a few things to consider before looking at the comparison… the first is that you will probably need to zoom in on the image to read the content as there is just so much information that it makes quite a detailed chart!! The next is that to put any sort of law and order on the products and to make any sort of logical comparison I had to compare by volume and not always by dose…this sounds complicated but in essence what is on the chart is the vitamin or supplement content per 5mls of liquid so depending on your child’s age and the product directions your child may need to take a different number of mls (2.5mls, 5mls, 7.5mls etc). It is important to take this into account when you are reading the chart.  Always check the dose for your child’s age group first so that you can draw a fair comparison of the products.  I have included all of the dosage and special information for all products in the ‘info’ section which is the lower section of the chart.  For tablets I have noted at the top beside the product name how many tablets are needed to deliver the quoted levels of vitamins.  I hope this chart will be beneficial to parents and Pharmacy staff alike in an effort to provide clarity and clear healthcare for our WonderBabas who deserve the best of our efforts to make the right choices – and information is power – and that is what WonderBaba is all about!

Allergens wonderbabaI have included information relating to the suitability of each product for vegetarians, coeliacs, diabetics, those with nut allergy, lactose intolerance, soy intolerance and more.  If you would like further information please don’t hesitate to get in touch via facebook messenger at the @wonderbaba page and I will get back to you as quickly as I can 🙂

In this blog I planned on summarising the benefits of each different multivitamin or supplement but due to the vast amount I have decided to break these up and I will produce the WonderBaba Vitamin and Supplement Series over the next few weeks where I will explain the benefits of each of the ingredients mentioned below so keep an eye on the blog and the facebook page to see these arrive day by day!

I hope you find this really helpful when trying to figure out the best choice for your WonderBaba. Here is a few general pieces of information you should be aware of before you make your choice:

  • It is recommended by the HSE that all infants, from birth to 12 months, whether
    breastfed or formula fed, be given a daily supplement of 5 µg (200 IU)
    vitamin D. This is available as ‘vitamin D drops’ in all pharmacies as a stand alone vitamin.
  • If your baby is exclusively breastfed and you are giving the recommended additional dose of vitamin D your baby will have a nutritionally complete diet up to six months of age.  At that stage milk consumption reduces due to the introduction of solids and so a balanced and healthy diet then becomes essential. I would like to add that whilst milk consumption often decreases the frequency and habits of feeding commonly do not so continue to enjoy your breastfeeding relationship in this case and remember the vast array of benefits you are providing to yourself and your child 🙂 According to WHO breastfeeding continues to provide up to half or more of a child’s nutritional needs during the second half of the first year, and up to one-third during the second year of life – for the remainder your child is dependent on the food they consume.  So whilst I am a huge advocate of breastfeeding it is important to recognise the possible role vitamin supplementation may have if your child’s diet lacks a nutritional balance due to periods of sickness, loss of appetite or even fussiness.
  • Bottle fed babies who are having more than 500mls of formula a day do also not need further supplementation as their milk is fortified with the vitamins that they need.
  • In the Uk the Department of Health recommends that all children aged six months to five years are given vitamin supplements containing vitamins A, C and D every day (other than those on more than 500mls of formula as it is possible to consume too much Vitamin A which can be harmful).
  • It is important to keep any supplements tightly capped and away from children’s reach.


Here is the comparative chart for the 14 top selling children’s multivitamins in my pharmacy – Milltown totalhealth Pharmacy in Dublin 6.  Remember to check the dosage info to do a fair comparison depending on the age of your WonderBaba!

wonderbaba vitamin review print


From seeing the table you can see that each product does indeed have its own strengths and weaknesses.  You may feel your child has specific requirements and you may be able to fine tune your choice now that you can see the products side by side.  My overall view would be that for young children ages seven months to four years Vitabiotics Wellbaby liquid is a strong contender as an overall multivitamin. Remember that children who are consuming more than 500mls of formula a day should not receive a multivitamin as it may be harmful due to excess levels of fat soluble vitamin A.  These children should receive vitamin d supplementation only.  Vitamin D drops on their own are available by clicking here and should be given to all babies from birth to one year whether breast or bottle fed.

For children ages three years and up one of the clear leaders is Alive Childrens Multivitamins but this is closely followed by Pharmaton Kiddi Crunchy and Vitabiotics Wellkid which are both suitable from four years. As those three are all chewable tablets it’s important to mention that Vivioptal junior liquid would offer a reasonable alternative if your child will not take a tablet.

A most important thing for me to mention here is that this has been a completely independent review with zero bias involved.  None of the companies mentioned were even aware that I was doing a comparison so as always the results are transparent and I hope I have presented them clearly enough to you for them to speak for themselves.

ORDER HEREAll of these products are available to purchase from me online – just click HERE to get delivery to your door 🙂



cropped-websitefeetlogo.pngI hope you found this information helpful and as always don’t hesitate to contact me on the WonderBaba Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/wonderbabacare) with any questions or for one to one advice for your little one! You can also consult with me in person at Milltown totalhealth Pharmacy in Dublin 6 or over the phone on 012600262.





N.B All ingredient content was correct at the time of writing this review – 12/9/17 – changes may occur – always read the label.



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WonderReview – Mustela 123 Vitamin Barrier Cream

first 40 yearsAfter three children and five and a half years of continuous nappy changing its fair to say as a Pharmacist I have had a vested interest in trying out all of the many many nappy rash creams that are available on the Irish market!  I’ve had phases with little or no nappy rash to battle and phases where it has felt impossible to clear! For the last couple of months I have unfortunately been battling a particularly persistent case so I was excited and eager to try the new Mustela 123 Vitamin Barrier Cream which arrived on our shelves in Milltown totalhealth Pharmacy…yes I am that sad – this is exactly the kind of thing that makes my day at the moment!! Continue reading

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A Wonder Review Ear Band-Its!

There is nothing worse than trying to explain to a child that they can’t go swimming  or mess too much in the bath because they are not allowed to get water in their ears due to grommets or ear perforation due to a bad infection.  In addition to that consider the nightmare which exists when trying to bathe a child who hates to have water in their ears!  From both a parents and child perspective ensuring no water enters the ear canal is nothing short of a disaster!

From my experience there are two main situations which arise! One where a child is not allowed to get water in their ears for medical reasons such as infection or grommets and another where a healthy child hates the feeling of water in their ears and suggesting a bath makes you enemy number one!! In essence it involves a parent trying to explain or battle (let’s be honest here!) with a child who either wants to splash and dunk their head under the water or else coaxing and convincing a child that hates the bath that water in their ears is ok and there is no need to be afraid!  Well I don’t know about your WonderBaba’s but mine certainly seem to follow my logical arguments!!

I recently came across a genius little product which solves the problems associated with both of these ‘water’ issues!  May I introduce… Ear Band-Its! Continue reading

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Wonder Review -Leeloops – The Head lice preventing hair band!


**for the purpose of this review a hair band means… hair bobbin, go-go, etc!

These hair bands are a really great alternative to regular head lice repellent sprays.  Even though a lot of the repellent sprays are actually quite convenient to use nowadays, it’s still a bit of a pain applying them and brushing them through the hair etc.  Even nitty gritty is a little sticky even though it’s a lot nicer to use than I imagined – the smell is gorgeous! There hairbands offer a convenient solution!

They function like a normal hair band – they are actually really strong and high quality, I was afraid they might be a little flimsy and my two princesses have no shortage of hair to tie up so I wanted something which was a little more on the heavy duty side of things!!  Out of ten in terms of functionality as a normal hair bobbin I would score them ten!

head-lice-in-childs-hairSo, most importantly in terms of their ability to repel head lice..! These are based on the same theory as the repellent sprays so whilst clinical evidence is generally lacking in relation to the success of these products from my experience it’s still something parents, including myself, would like to try! Anything that helps or even might help is worth a shot for me when head lice are concerned.

The hairband is infused with essential oils which are designed to repel the lice – they actually smell pretty good as well so don’t be deterred by the fact that they have a fragrance to them.  Using essential oils means that you are using natural ingredients which contain no pesticides which is a good child friendly approach to this problem.  I advise the use of pharmacy products such as full marks, lyclear, full marks if you have actually detected head lice on your child’s scalp – this product is just for use as a repellent – not a treatment.  I started using them as I had seen them come into the Pharmacy where I work in Milltown in Dublin 6 and then got the dreaded text message from my eldest’s school saying that head lice were rampant in her class.  I started using these hairbands and combing as per recommendation in my head lice blog and I have to say – she didn’t bring anything other than her “junk art” home thankfully!  Remember to keep their hair tied up tight to their head in a bun or plait etc for maximum effect!

Each hairband lasts two weeks from when you open the little individual wrapper in which it is stored.  There is four in a pack – so it works out at about €2 per hair bobbin which means it’s costing you about a euro a week.

leeloop-lice-preventing-hair-band-eb5Whether it’s worth it or not? Here you will have to draw your own conclusions as I do feel it’s important to stress there is no evidence or guideline to say that essential oils are beneficial or effective at preventing head lice – and it certainly won’t deal with existing infestations for which I really advise you read my head lice blog for treatment information.  I did email the company and ask for the fact behind the 95% effective claim that they make but received no response. All of that being said…I used them and I probably will again when I get the next dreaded text message or email from the school.  If there’s even a small chance that they help, clinically proven or not, I’ll take it!

fine-combThe best prevention is through combing so I’d advise to try the techniques as described in my blog in addition to the use of these hair bands!   The Leeloop hair bands are available by clicking here!

As always if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch through the WonderBaba facebook page by private message – http://www.facebook.com/wonderbabacare or phone me at Milltown totalhealth Pharmacy in Dublin 6 on 012600262!

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Wonder Review -Mouthie Mitten – Teething Magic!!

I have possibly tried out every teething product there is on the market by now…. !! I previously reviewed the Gummee Glove as loved the concept and thought it was a good product – so when we couldn’t get stock of the Gummee Glove in the pharmacy I was pretty disappointed. Our suppliers then got in touch to say they had gone to great trouble to get another teething glove – and I have to say – I’m very glad they did!! Continue reading

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Wonder Review – Uriage Soin Peri-Oral Cream & Cu-Zn+ Spray!



dribble rash before2

I was going to review the Soin Peri-Oral cream on its own but as the week started I realised there was another product which would compliment the treatment of my sons dribble rash and so I decided to use them both in combination!  The other product, which I have mentioned in blogs before, is the Uriage Cu-Zn+ Spray.  I will explain the reason that I think these products go hand in hand together now!

There are two areas which dribble rash affects – the first is the area directly surrounding the mouth (the peri-oral area) and the other is the folds in the skin under the baby’s chin. Continue reading

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Uriage Review – Xemose Creme and Cu-Zn Spray.

uriage-xemose-universal-11672In my quest to get familiar with the Uriage range (and indulge in a little pampering for myself and the kids!!) I started to use the Uriage Xemose Emollient Creme on the whole family!  I suffer with eczema myself so whilst my main aim was to see how baby Callum liked it I actually ended up stealing quite a lot of his stash..!! Put simply this is the creamiest of creams and it is just beautiful to use on your skin at this time of year if you suffer in any way from dry skin!  The effects of it last all day and even massaging it in you can feel how nourishing and soothing it is!  I absolutely loved it and really and truly this will be a permanent fixture in my skincare cabinet from now on! Yes I have a whole cabinet…those of you with eczema will understand!

Continue reading

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Wonder Review – Uriage Cradle Cap Cream and Shampoo!

Cradle cap is the name given to flaky, yellowish patches of skin which occur on a babies scalp usually within the first three months of their lives. The cause is not fully understood but it usually clears by the time a child reaches two or three years of age. It may last just a few weeks or even a few months. It does not generally cause any discomfort for the baby. It can however look quite unpleasant and, if the scales are picked at, it can leave your child vulnerable to an infection of the skin. Continue reading

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Wonder Review – Uriage 1ère Eau – Baby Cleansing water!

1ereeaunettoyanteUriage Eau Thermal skincare was a range we recently started to stock in Milltown totalhealth Pharmacy – it’s been getting rave reviews and fantastic feedback so I wanted to find out more about the baby skincare range!

One product in particular caught my eye and that was the 1ère Eau Cleansing Water.  It comes in a large 500ml bottle and has a well designed lid which makes it easy to squirt onto cotton wool.

So what does it do?

This lightly fragranced water is a no-rinse cleanser for babies. Continue reading


Vick Warm Steam Vaporiser – A Wonder Product!

In my opinion the Vicks warm steam vaporiser is an essential item for anyone with a baby or young child.  Every time my children have a cough or a cold I unpack this from the bottom of the wardrobe and put it into action!  Let me tell you a little bit more about why this product is a winter essential! Continue reading