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WonderBaba – The Ultimate Guide to Children’s Multivitamins!

Prescription-ConfusionWe always get advertising material into the Pharmacy from all of the different multivitamin brands making great claims about the benefits of their own products.  Even Pharmacists and Pharmacy staff can find it overwhelming trying to decipher what the actual vitamin content is and determine the benefits and downfalls of one product in comparison to another.  The vitamin market is a particularly busy one!  There are so many different products and all have strengths and weaknesses so I have done my best to select the 14 most popular children’s multivitamins and I have literally laid them side by side so we can explore which product meets your individual child’s needs. Continue reading

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Vitamin D – Why is it important for babies?

sunshine-wonderbabaWhat you need to know about Vitamin D!

Vitamin D is mostly produced by our bodies in response to the sun. Vitamin D deficiency is a problem that can affect Irish people due to our lack of exposure to sunlight.  Babies and children need Vitamin D to regulate calcium levels in their bodies. Continue reading