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Is this heat rash?

heat rash wonderbabaHeat rash is also known as miliaria or prickly heat.  There’s a few different kinds and the rash can range from mild small pimples to deep red lumps.  Its generally a pink or red rash which can be made up of dots, spots or pimples – most often these affect the head neck and shoulders.  Heat rash occurs when your baby’s sweat glands become blocked and become swollen, itchy and generally uncomfortable! It often occurs under clothes where the heat is worst and the material rubs off it causing further irritation and friction. Continue reading


Reflux – A WonderBaba Guide!


Reflux is a term that is used a lot in relation to new born babies.  It is often confused with colic and other digestive issues. This is primarily because it is hard to recognise and diagnose especially since the patients we are talking about have no real way to express how they are feeling. Continue reading

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Newborn Hair Loss

hair loss babyNewborn Hair loss
Many babies are born with lovely thick heads of shiny gorgeous hair only for it to fall out a few weeks after their birth. Many parents are shocked when this happens but there is no need to worry – it’s a very natural process which is a result of your babies changing hormone levels in the weeks and months after their birth.

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