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WonderReview – Mustela 123 Vitamin Barrier Cream

first 40 yearsAfter three children and five and a half years of continuous nappy changing its fair to say as a Pharmacist I have had a vested interest in trying out all of the many many nappy rash creams that are available on the Irish market!  I’ve had phases with little or no nappy rash to battle and phases where it has felt impossible to clear! For the last couple of months I have unfortunately been battling a particularly persistent case so I was excited and eager to try the new Mustela 123 Vitamin Barrier Cream which arrived on our shelves in Milltown totalhealth Pharmacy…yes I am that sad – this is exactly the kind of thing that makes my day at the moment!! Continue reading

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MenB Vaccine – Update!

31/7/16 – It has been announced that Bexsero will be included in the ‘new’ childhood immunisation programme.  This means that all babies born on or after the 1st October 2016 will be offered the vaccine as a part of their routine vaccination programme.  Any parent who wishes to get their child with an earlier birthday vaccinated will have to pay privately to do so. Children born before the 1st October 2016 will continue on the ‘old’ vaccination programme as normal.


07/07/2016 – Suppliers have informed us that Bexsero is currently a doctor only line so pharmacies are still unable to get stock but your doctor may be able! It is worth contacting your local GP to see if they have vaccines in stock even if your local pharmacy cannot currently get them.


10/3/16 – MenB Vaccine – Update!

Unfortunately the position remains as described below with no further information coming from the pharmacy wholesalers. Continue reading

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MooGoo – What’s all the hype about?

scalpcream milltownMooGoo – What’s all the hype about?

MooGoo is a skincare range which was developed in Australia after farmers noticed the remarkable effects an udder cream was having on cattle on dairy farms! Their udders were in fantastic condition (bare with me I’ll stop talking about cow’s udders soon I promise!!) and the developers decided to see if they could adapt the product to a less greasy form which would be suitable for humans…and so MooGoo Udder Cream was born! The success of that product has led to the development of a full range of products which I recently started stocking in Milltown totalhealth Pharmacy and I have to say I am seriously impressed!! I decided to put together a little review of the products which are specifically suitable for mums, babies and children for my WonderBaba followers because if you are looking for natural skincare options for your little ones this may well be the range for you!

Nappy Balm

I recently tried out this cream on my little ladies skin and just loved the texture of it.  It glides on easily and provides a good barrier and also has anti yeast properties which can be the cause of some nappy rashes.  Its nut oil free and is light and comfortable on a babies skin.  It’s worth noting that whilst i wouldn’t recommend it..its edible.. so if your little one gets their hands on it don’t panic if they have a mouthful!

ISBmilltownIrritable Skin Balm

This is one of the ranges best selling products.  It can be used by adults or babies and is great at soothing irritated dry skin.  It also has both natural anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties so is great for areas like creases in skin which are commonly affected by these sorts of irritations.  Particularly for dribble rash, eczema behind the knees  and in the nappy area of babies.

Full Cream Moisturiser

This is a super creamy moisturiser which is great for normal to dry skin.  It contains sweet almond oil and coconut oil so is very soothing and it smells pretty nice too!  It’s a nice option for people who want to use natural products on their little ones and themselves.

shampoomilltownMilk Shampoo

This shampoo is suitable for little ones and is glucose and coconut oil based.  It is great for sensitive scalp as it avoids irritation which may occur with other shampoos and it gives the scalp and chance to heal and repair itself.

Natural Mini Moo Bubbly Wash

Once babies reach about three months of age I think it’s a good idea to start using a gentle cleanser in the bath.  This one is sodium laureth sulphate (SLS) free and so doesn’t dry or irritate the skin.  It also contains some colloidal rice bran which helps to moisturise and soothe the skin.

Mudder Udder Cream

This is a preservative free nipple cream for use after breastfeeding.  It soothes and comforts sore nipples as it contains all natural (and edible!) ingredients so theres no need to remove it before a feed.  It’s also lanolin free so its suitable for vegans and those with a lanolin allergy.


They do a whole range of other products which you can see on their website www.moogoo.ie but these are the ones that I thought would be most relevant to you parents!

We stock the full range in Milltown totalhealth Pharmacy in Dublin 6 so just give us a phone on 012600262 if you have any queries or would like to place an order. You can also send me a direct private message on the WonderBaba facebook page 🙂  www.facebook.com/wonderbabacare

We are open to take phone orders for MooGoo :

Mon, Tue, Wed -9am to 8pm

Thurs and Fri – 9am to 9pm

Saturday – 9am to 6pm

Sunday and Bank Holidays – 12pm to 4 pm

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Nappy rash – causes and cures!

Nappy rash – causes and cures!
Nappy rash is a common skin condition which affects most children to some extent at some stage during their first year or two. It generally is caused by urine or poo being in contact with the babies skin and causing irritation, but can be as a result of other factors like antibiotic use, a change in diet such as from breast milk to formula, teething or chemical irritants. Continue reading