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Is there a right time to start potty training?

PLPOTTYPODgreyMilltownThe’right’ time for potty training is a topic of great debate! In America potty tends to happen before the age of two but in Ireland it’s much more likely to be over two or even approaching three! The right time is when your child is showing signs of readiness and most importantly you have the available necessary time to support your child through this large transition to avoid it becoming a negatively fuelled battle. There are certain pressures from society now which do encourage parents to take the task in hand a little earlier such as requirements by Montessori schools etc which now start earlier for many children with the introduction of a second free Pre ECCE year. This has changed the starting age for Montessori of many children to three rather than four.  Many montessoris have a requirement for children to be fully toilet trained before starting which would mean you would need to make a start on it at about two and a half years of age.

How do you know if they’re ready (are there signs to look out for)?

toilet-clip-art1-1-copyThere are many signs of readiness, these include: Continue reading

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The WonderBaba Guide to Potty Training!


***warning for the purposes of this lovely article urine will be referred to as pee and stools will be called poo.  There’s every argument for keeping it professional but then when in the same sentence i’m recommending Peppa pants and a mop and bucket I feel keeping the tone ‘real’ is important…..!!*** Continue reading

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wonder Tip! Save Your Couch!


Wonder Tip!

Toilet training is a difficult enough time without having to scrub down the furniture every five minutes!

Something which may seem obvious but we have only really done on our second child is put a Huggies Dry night bed mat on the couch and convince your child it’s a super special big girl blanket that big girls sit on when they get big and start using the big girl potty like a big girl…see how many times I have to say big girl in a sentence now!!!

Doing this simple trick may just save you and your furniture from a lot of scrubbing and a lot of stress! Continue reading